Know Your Enemy - 21st Century Breakdown

You Can - David Archuleta


Just Music!

Just music!

David Archuleta(album)

David Archuleta(album)

Check Yes Juliet - We The Kings

Today had 6 hrs of training
no coach. only coach's student came 'coach' us
(those pro ones)
morning did droping, lifting, smashing and things...
then went for early lunch.
when we're back in the hall,
the 4 male teachers were playing again. haha

coach's students came,
had some matches, then followed by bonding games.
the 1st game we played was a torture.
i was the one who kept running.
that guy made me do frog jumps while catching him
i was like breathless... :S
he always slides to 'save' himself from getting caught.
don't know why i so unlucky,
always the one running in around the circle.
haha.. so tiring.. esp chasing after sec 3 boy seniors.

later Shermine/Sharmine (not sure) de-brief us
we were talking about coach..
just keep saying all the things that we felt..
(need more .... then .... don't want ...)
finally dismissed!
Coming Sunday have badminton chalet,
going for the BBQ with Jen, Regine, Wei Lin and the rest.
tomorrow meeting Mrs Yap for lunch.
then need go meet SharOie and Pei Yun.
going to watch Twilight at GV Bishan

hope it's a nice show.
and hope we'll have a fun breakfast with Mrs Yap
hahah :D
(need chiong homework already)
left not much time for me to waste.
just jia you, can't slack le
sch's re-opening!! (suck!)
i hate going to school.

need go le, bye,
won't update anymore.
guess this is the last time i touch
the comp for the year of 2008.
Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!
(haha, just kidding, i'll post during X'mas) :D

11:57 PM