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Finally back posting again!! currently in Mac lab for home econ.
these few days i'm busy with nothing but school work! sian... =S
busy with homework leftover from the holidays... too lazy to do.
got alot of project to present... i hate presentations! ):
talking about Mac lab, i think back about last time at DQPS...

Everytime CCA, IT club; Video Editing, we used to go to Mac lab and do our things..
edit our videos.. once, i finished editing the EL month video..
the performance is on 6 Sapphire'07 news-casting..
i burnt the cd and gave it to Mrs Yap during Teachers' Day...
Mrs Yap done alot for the news-casting and if i not wrong, she was not in sch during the perfromance.
the times in Mac lab; DQPS was fun!! we usually slack during CCA
and use Safari instead of edit videos. haha...

Tomorrow going for SYF Preview.. Chen Ning going too!!
YAY! i want to sit with her, i hope the teacher will allow.
going to enjoy the performance although it will not be as great if it is at the outdoor stadium
as there is limited space, so many things are npot included. (told by Chen Ning)

later having badminton... and lessons!
today school started later, 8.20am instead of 7.20 which resulted release time will be 2.10pm
everything will be one hour later than usual. almost late for sch... :[
morning actually plan to leave home by 7.40 but i forget to print the history powerpoint.
thought that today need to present history powerpoint in class.
by the time i print finish everything, it was already 7.58
arh.. goign to be late for sch as the bus wil be less fequent..
morning form 6 to 6.50+ the bus will be very frequent, at most wait for 10min..
then 7.50+ to 8+ bus less frequent so need wait longer...
luckily reach school in itme, not late! phew!!
i'm so hunugry now... reccess shld be 9.40 on normal days, but wed will be 10.40..

few more minutes to reccess!! yay~
looking forward to tmr... seeing Chen Ning! will be talking and viewing the SYF preview together if possible..
i really hope i can sit with her! (:

10:17 AM


hmm back posting! this time's post will be long super long!!
don't believe? see for yourself. haha. hehe.. the long post is up-coming!!

The whole day of 18.06.08 started like this, with badminton training.
continuous training for 3 hours, from 9am - 12pm. of course there's rest time..
50 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, running up the steps 20 times,
up and down 2 steps 120 times.
after training i seemed like the 1st to leave the sports hall, even earlier than coach.. and those who usually went off early
i received Qing Yi's message to go Chen Ning's house right after training..
although our 1st plan was that they take all the stuffs from
ChenNing's house to my house so it will be more convienient
but it was ok! :D i was rushing off from the sports hall to the mrt station/bus interchange..
i didn't know what transport could i take. but luckily there's the mrt which can reach thr in no time
i miss one train.. so got to wait for the next one, which was 6 min later... hia.. waste of time
reached Chen Ning's house then was ''stuck'' outside for a little while. haha..
saw Chen Ning and Qing Yi making a card for Mrs Yap.. then since i wanted to sit on the steps of the corridor, then Qing Yi's slipper was blocking my way, i kicked it away..
actually i wanted to kick his slipper into the lift and send it down to 1st floor but i not so evil.

haha. the lift really went down to 1st floor.. luckily i never put in...
but the person who pressed the lift downstairs was Yan Xiu... haha :]
after Yan Xiu come then we grabbed all the
heavy stuffs and headed for the bus stop opp.
i was carrying some 1.5l of soft drinks [x 2] and
one bottle of squash and servets (spelling error)
then later Qing Yi had to go help Glennis to take 4kg of frozen food and lead him to my house.
on our (Chen Ning, Yan Xiu & I) way from the bus stop
opposite 555 to my house was horible! :[
i was holding all the drinks!! but is i volunteer. haha
1.5l [x 2], 2l [x2], 2 bottle of squash, sevetes
got on the bus then the drinks keep tilting down.. luckily one knid-hearted lady helped me picked up the bottle. :)

My horrible journey carrying so many bottles of drinks..
i kept having neck aches.. cause whenever i carry too heavy stuffs
for too long, my neck will ache
so i keep stoping every few steps i take.. then had a proper rest uner blk 556
i changed my way of carrying the bags of water.. i carried it in my arms
instead of holding in my hands.. but it only made things worst! haha ):
the plastic bag tore badly when we were in the carpark in front of 556..
then i just dropped everything slowly on the ground!!
every steps i took, the bags of water will slide down all the way
until my knee and i can't continue walking..
Chen Ning keep laughing!! :] i also can't stop laughing. Yan Xiu too! hahaha
while stopping in the middle of the car park, i change back how i held the bags..
thank goodness!! Glennis and Qing Yi came to help us!!
very luckily they came at the right time, phew!!

put all the stuffs at my house, then Chen Ning and Yan Xiu went to do their jelly
which did not end up in the jelly state, but liquid state as it did not went in the freezer for sufficient time. :[ it really took lots of their effrt to cook, pour and store the jelly... ):
i ran alot and lot while they were making the jelly.
right after i reached home, i rushed over my grandparents' house to pass
the ingrediants to cook the bee hoon and curry.. rushing for time!!
it was 1.20pm then we planned to leave my house at 2pm
in order to reach Pasir Ris park early and set up..
back at the cooking, i forgot to take the chicken wings meant for the curry
no choice, have to ask glen and qing yi to help me buy over there
while i go buy things... after that, went 555 to buy 9 bottles of mineral water for the squash.
Some time later, Chrislyn and Grace came and helped us out.
4 generations finally complete!! :D

after all the things are ready, except for the ''jelly'', my grandfather fetched us there
while there isn't any space fro the rest, Chris, Grace & Glen took cab there.
the squash, curry and bee hoon was at the boot of my grandpa's car..
then the roads at Pasir Ris was not smooth, keep jerking!!
then we're afraid that the squash, curry and noodle will spill in the boot.
then the boot will become ''mei resshi tian tang'' [according to Chen Ning] haha :)
finally reached and waited for the rest to come. no ''mei shi tian tang''
while waiting at the pit there, Boh Jun, Wei Liang, Yi Pin and Andrew cycled over..
they look kind of weird at 1st, esp Wei Liang...
he wore a formal top then informal bottom. haha
then also just realised that Andrew is wearing braces.. :)

then we arranged the things orderly.. and PLAYED!!
we played volley ball... quite noob at it. haha.. but very FUN!! Whee!!
once, i threw the ball to Chris but it got stuck in the coconut tree..
All of us were laughing like hell then no idea how to get it down. Opps
Chen Ning's new volleyball. we kicked the trees, tried shaking the trees,
but still cannot.. then i pull the leaves! finally the ball got down safetly!! haha
but got one incident which was more incredible...
the ball got in the sea and was drifted quite far..
Glennis walked into the sea and went to take the ball..
the further he walked, the higher the water covered him..
the water level where he took the ball was around his chest level..
then Wei Liang and Boh Jun were still catching their crabs..
still the same as that time at East Coast!! haha.. one month ago... :D

we played.. prepared more things.. glad there were enough poeple to help. :p
around 5/6+ we saw that the sky was quite grey so we made a decision
to move all the things into the small hut for shelter..
half an hour has passed and there was still no rain so we moved the things back to the pit..
we tried starting up the fire, but still like last year, we failed.
haha.. never gain experience from last yr's bbq. hehe...
wasted alot of starter so need buy more.
Grace and I went into Coasta Sand to buy starter.. when i was around the swimming pool area,
loads of memory came back to me!! all those memory with 6 Sapphire'07 at the chalet!
i thought of alot of memorable things that happened last year, at that place..
like bringing all bbq stuffs when checking in... bullied the boys in the chalet,
those times that we played, joked, got angry over each other, laughed and fooled around!
the feeling of 6 Sapphire'07 was coming back to me! i really missed 6 Sapphire'07
when Grace and I came back form buying, Wei Qi was there already.
he was like standing there doing nothing while the rest were busying starting the fire
but all the boys later go disturbed himall that... hia.. ''lao yang zi''

From far, we saw Mrs Yap and Mr Yap coming towards us..
then the fire was not started... then we were thinking...
later we need trouble Mr Yap to started the fire for us again like last year
so we ''bing ming'' fan the fire!! haha but still not ok yet..
so end up Mr Yap was helping us again.. so pai seh lor.
then the pit area only left four people; namely; Mr Yap, Mrs Yap, Qing Yi & Glennis
Chen Ning, Chris, Yan Xiu, Grace and I were pouring the drinks,
while Mi Lian, Christina, Shee Yin, Jing Yi, Miao Zhen were talking under the small hut.
took some drinks to people at the pit area. :D

fire started!! bbq session opened!! food bbq-ed, eaten and digested! haha
everything went off smoothly until there was a little rain/drizzle.
then bbq continued btu with umbrella over the bbq pit,
paper plates over drinks, un-coooked food, and stuffs..
the bbq pit was crowded with boys and umbrellas..
some were there to bbq the food, tend the food which was on the grill,
some were holding umbrella covering the food and boys there..
about 5 or 6 umbrellas were used there.
the mifen, curry, tibits were moved under the shelter..
Mr & Mrs Yap and some of the girls were under the hut.
the rest of us kind of have some fun in the rain too!
Chen Ning, Yan Xiu, Grace, Qing Yi and I had to share one umbrella
we need to cover the drinks on the table too.

15 mins has passed and the drizzle finally stopped!!
that calls for celebration!! YAY!! really god's blessing us again and again!! haha
sooooo happy!! everythin back to normal! then my umbrella was ''broken''
haha.. chrislyn, grace and wei liang... :D haha.. it's in a weird, distorted shape. haha
but managed to fixed back.. :P every single moment passed so fast!
the time was about 9pm already.. wow time files that fast..
really fast! in time when we're having fun, time passes so fast that we don't even realised it!!
haha :) the class gathering was so successful! although some people never turn up!
then we packed up fro about half an hour. :D all rushing to pack
as most of us told our parents that we'll be home by 7+ or 8+ but it's 9+ le.
then all scared being scolded for being home late..
as we packed the things, many un-cooked food were thrown away
quite a waste... but no choice... so sad. :(
the tibits were left untouched!! so when we got in the cab,
Chen Ning distributed the tibits to Yan Xiu, Chris and I..
whatever that was given/''thrown'' to Chris cannot be given back cause she was sitting in front
The rest went off earlier than us and took bus home

finally reached AMK... Yan Xiu got down 1st,
next followed by Chen Ning, then lastly me and Chrislyn got down together.
reached home.. luckily i never get scolded.
only got nagged at for making the floor sticky..
bathed then called Chen Ning - talked about the happenings
all those things about 6 Sapphire'07
and how we got close to each other within the year of 2007
2007 was the year that brought many of us (6 Sapphire'07) together!!
P5, i didn't really know who's around me.. all i know was ''jing di zhi wa'' the feeling of being together as one whole 6 Sapphire'07 is simply unresistable!!
it feels damn great being with you all, 6 Sapphire'07
you're so rocking damn hard!! i love 6 Sapphire'07 for the rest of my life!!
never be erased from all our hearts

8:10 PM


i'm sooooooo excited!! can't wait for tomorrow!! I'll be loving 18 June'08!!
18 June'08 ~
6 Sapphire'07 class gathering!
I really can't wait.. how i wish the the time will change as i like!!
18 June will be the most important date of my life!!
i'm going to enjoy everything tomorrow with 6 Sapphire'07!!
Mrs Yap will be going too!! Hurray! let me share what's the schedule for 18 June

1st-ly, i have badminton at Yio chu kang sports hall.
from 9 - 12pm.. then after 12 i need rush home as Chen Ning will be coming my house to cook the curry and bee hoon. and also make the jelly.
then she will have to bring all the bbq stuffs they bought yesterday to my house..
imagine: Chen ning have to take
10 bottles of 1.5l of drinks.. 1 bag of frozen food, one radio, one volleyball...
and so on... then she have to take so many things up on the bus..

then i can't help her as i will be rushing home from yio chu kang.
i think Chrislyn will be helping her, if i'm not wrong..
after everyone reach my house, we'll go over my grandparents' house
to ask my grandfather to fry the bee hoon and cook the curry.
after all that then return to my house to make the jelly..
I hope all these will take less than 2 hours.. as we need to leave my house by 2.
we have to reach there early to set up the pits all that and get the charcoal burning...

then we going to play like siao untill we hungry.. then start bbq!!
i'm now over the moon! :DDD the response for this time class gathering is great!!
so much better than last time. last time those people who response are always the same people.
like Chen Ning, Yan Xiu, Grace, Qing Yi, Wei Liang, Boh Jun.
this time with Chen Ning organising, the things are so much better..
this time there are 20+ people going!! big huray!! :)
this time even Guo Wei (Mr Bean), Shee Yin, Mi Lian, Abuna, Hinitha, are coming!!
they usually don't really come for class gatherings!! and this time they
at least make an effort to come!! so i think this time gathering is really a successful one!!
Without me ''organising'' everything seems better!! cause everytime i ''organise'',
everytime sure fail!! haha no exceptions one!! seriously!! not lying!! haha..

NOW, Appreciation ceremony!!

A BIG Thank You to....

Chiew Chen Ning

[for orgainising this gathering and made it a success one!]

Glennis Lee Jun Wei

[for helping us all when buying
the things, paying the
things, seasoning the chicken
wings, and trying to come early; 18 June]

Lim Yan Xiu

[for buying and paying the things and
trying to make it on 18 June

Lim Boh Jun

[for volunteering to help
us buy and carry the
things for bbq, although
he was having fever and
never come due to his fever]

6 Sapphire'07

[to only those who at least made the
effort to reply us and
to those that are coming!!]

And LASTLY, not forgetting...

Mrs Yap

[who is pregnant but still able to find time and attend this class gathering!!]

A BIG THANK YOU to all of you listed above!!

see all of you tomorrow, 18 June'08!!

*the ''appreciation ceremony'' is suggested by Chiew Chen Ning

4:41 PM


Back posting again!! today's father's day! had a celebration at my grandparents' house!
everyone was there! even yuri! :) we had lots of fun there.
we played many card games together. We played a game of ''Cheat''.
it's a super fun game!! at the start of the game Eddie was still unsure of how to play.
then he blur blur put the wrong sets of cards. then so funny.
but he still managed to get it after telling him the instruction.
the whole game with Adeline, Benjamin, Eddie, Yuri, Natalie, my bro and myself
was extremely FUN!! haha. played a few rounds of titee too..
lost quite a number of rounds. remaining about 5-7 cards.

dinner was scumptous!! loas and loads of dishes!!
alot of new creation dish too. the whole table was full with yummy foods.
talking about cousins, all of us were still ok.
we had a little peace as Ryan was sleeping. he often make lots of noise.
then Nelly's still that cute. but she refuse to let Yuri and I to carry her. :(
everyime we want carry her, she somesort of cry. haha

the cake of the day!! super interesting! it's a cake of Rolex watch!!
ever see before? maybe have maybe not.. haha but i'll post some pics.
i'll show some pics on Mother's Day cake too!
a cake of Durian!! very interesting cake too!!

Here are some of the pics of Father's & Mother's DAy cake

Happy Father's Day..

Look how creative the cake is! it's from e-creative, that's the reason for being so creative!!
[the over view of the cake]

Can see that it's a Rolex watch? it's actually made made of sweet!! just by taking out the ''watch'' (sweet), it weigh a ton!! very heavy..
[zoom-up on the ''watch'']
Here are the picture of Mother's Day cake. also from e-creative.

look!! that's a giantic durian!! a giantic durian cake!! very realistic!! but it's a cake!! hmm.. but the flesh on top of the cak ain't fake. it real duriain flesh
[side view of the durian cake]

the whole durian cake is REALLY BIG!! weighing 3kg!

[full view of the cake]

[top view of the durian cake; can you see the durian meat?]

[top-view; real meat on ''durian''.]

now, it's a better view from here. that the flesh is real. the spikes are made of cream. not hurtful at all as compared to the actual torns on the real durian.


[a very bright shot, taken with a flash]

That's all i have today!! :))

12:30 AM


time really files!! one month of holiday is just going to end like that. without me revising any subjects and finishing all my homework and projects!! let me see what haven't i complete.

- 1 eng reading response
- online functional writing
(haven't open haha)
- maths online worksheets
- sci workbook
- geog activity
- online chinese quiz

- history powerpoint; 10 slides
(chapt 7; Scientific and Artistic Achievements)
- Change the lyrics
(change lyrics of any genere of songs to lyrics that concerns history. any chapt from 4 - 7)
- Natas Fair Presentation
(many problems cropped up, unable to finsh within two days)

hia... how do i finsh all this crap within less than 2 weeks? i wana finish these things soon so i can get to relax and not think about to many homeworks. can i finish all these within these week? by the end of this week is my target!! i want to enjoy the class gathering next week!!
i want more tags!! i may be posting, but no one tag!! :'(

* Hope 6 SAPPHIRE'07 class gathering will success!!

11:32 AM


Hi people. (6 Sapphire'07)

i guess most of us have not seen each other for quite some time.
there will be a class gathering next week

Venue: Pasir Ris Park
Do What? BBQ and Have fun!! :)

What you all suppose to do?
Leave the dates that you are free in the tagboard..
or sms Cehn Ning, Val or Qing Yi

The date will be between:
16 June - 21 June
(Mon - Sat)

I really hope that this gathering will success!!
Mrs Yap will also be coming if i'm not wrong :)
Reply fast for those who never relpy!!See you all soon!!

hia.. long time never post le.
so much holiday homework.
don't feel like doing it.
esp history project..
not talking about homework le

i really really hope the coming class gathering next week will be a success one.
everytime i organise (sort of) will confirm fail or less people come.
meeting all my friends soon. yay
this time Mrs Yap will also be coming.
so i'm now looking forward to next week!!
so far the possible dates that the gathering will be held on is:
Mon, Wed, Thu and Sat

ending post here..
hope to see 6 Sapphire'07 again!!

12:18 PM