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It's their 1st single - Know Your Enemy

from their new album - 21st Century Breakdown

Love it!!

An interview with Billie Joe Armstrong,

he mentioned about Robert Pattison.
(can ignore the front part)

How did you decide on the names Gloria and Christian for the album's characters?

It's like a woman's name for "glory," and it does have some tradition because, obviously, Van Morrison and U2. As far as that character, the emotion of the record is this person that's trying to hold onto the torch -- whether it's your own political values, your own moral value, or just holding on to yourself. Christian was an interesting name because it's also a religious root. So, a song like 'Christian's Inferno,' it's this guy -- he's not carrying a torch -- but he's trying to burn the whole f---ing place down and he becomes a victim of his own demons in a lot of ways.

Who would you want to play Christian and Gloria if this were given a big screen adaptation?

The girl that played in 'Juno' [Ellen Page] -- I think she could be Gloria. The song 'East Jesus Nowhere' -- I got the title from 'Juno.' There was that one part where the mother goes, "Why are you driving out in East Jesus Nowhere to go hang out with that couple." And it was like, "Oh my god, I've heard of Bumf--- Egypt, but East Jesus Nowhere? That's amazing.

"And Christian, I'm gonna say maybe that kid in 'Twilight' [Robert Pattinson]. He's a good actor. There's still more to come with that kid.

just find it a little weird for BJ to talk about Robert Pattison. haha

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