Know Your Enemy - 21st Century Breakdown

You Can - David Archuleta


1. The person who tagged you is ?
} Chen Ning

2.Your relationship with him / her is ?
} BEST friends!! :D

3.Your 5 impression of him / her ?
} cute! (chubby); chio; cheerful; hardworking; helpful (:

4. The most memorable thing he / she had done to you ?
} pinching my cheeks! haha

5. The most memorable thing he / she had said to you ?
} "You very cute leh!'' (but it's not!! haha :D)

6. If he / she become your lover , you will?
} i'm not that evil snatch her from her 2 husbands, WQ, Nat

7. If he / she becomes your lover , thing he / she has to improve on will be ?
} ask them (WQ,Nat) instead. haha :P

8. If he / she becomes your enemy , you will ?
} never.. only times when we tease each other. hehe

9. (Repeat Question)
} :P

10. What is it you want to tell him / her now ?
} tag me!

11. Your overall impression of him / her is ?
} that BIG smile on her face! :DD always cheerful

12. How do you think people around you will feel about you ?
} ? don't know

13. The characters you love about yourself are ?
} nothing? haha

14. On the contrary , the characters you hate about yourslef is ?
} don't have enough motivation :(

15. The most ideal person you want to be is ?
} Felipe Massa?
His determination and the way he looked at things

'I know how to win and I know how to lose.
It is another day of my life. Everybody worked
really hard to achieve our goals
with the heart and sometimes thing
don't happen in the way we want.'
-Felipe Massa

16. For people who care and likes you , say something to them .
- be HAPPY! :DDD

17. Pass the quiz to 10 people that you wish to know how they feel about you .
1. ChenNing
2. YanXiu
3. QingYi
4. PeiYun
5. Jazlyn
6. YunTing
7. BohJun
8. WeiLiang
9. JianAnn
10. Myself? (i seriously have no idea.)

18. Who is no. 6 having relationship with ? (Yun Ting)
- Wei Lin? haha her hon(ey)

19. Is no.9 a male / female ? (Jian Ann)
- male

20. If no. 7 & 10 are together , will it be a good thing ? (Boh Jun & Myself)
- never... so what's thr to be good about? haha

21. What is no.2 studying about ? (Yan Xiu)
- those 9 sub

22. What was the last time you had a chat wif no. 3 ? (Qing Yi)
- today?not really, though saw him at YCK sports hall

23. What kind of music band does no. 8 like ? (Wei Liang)
- Linkin' Park?

24. Does no. 1 have any siblings ? (Chen Ning)
- yup

25. Will you woo no. 3? (Qing Yi)
- no.. we're friends :)

26. How about no. 7 ? (Boh Jun)
- no.. we're friends :)

27. Is no. 4 single ? (Pei Yun)
- ya :D

28. What is the surname of no. 5 ? (Jazzzzzlyn)
- Chuah Jia Ying Jazzzzzlyn!!!

29. What is the hobby of no. 10 ? (myself)
- badminton and listening to songs :DD

30. Where is no. 2 studying at ? (Yan Xiu)

31. Talk about something for no. 1 . (Chen Ning)
- where's Wei Ning, Ruey Ning and Yi Ning?

32. Have you tried developing feelings for no. 8 ? (Wei Liang)
- hey! he's Grace's husband! haha

33. Where does no. 9 live ? (Jian Ann)
- Ang Mo Kio

34. What colour does no. 4 like ? (Pei Yun)
- purple

35. Are no. 1 and 5 best friends ? (Chen Ning and Jazzzlyn)
- chances very very slim... they don't know each other

36. Does no. 1 have any pets ? (Chen Ning)
- Wei Ning (always keep her in the cupboard)

37. Is no. 7 the sexiest person in the world ? (Boh Jun)
- omg.. Definitely not.. i'm not sick! haha

38. What is no. 10 doing now ? (myself)
- doing this quiz! and i'm ending it! yay

FINALLY!! finish this quiz!
my neck's breaking! help! (cn, don't laugh)
today's training was fine. it was C girls and B boys
our grand-senior, Jeremy, came too
i had lunch with Jen, Regine and Jazzzz.
me and Jazzz ate Kway Chap...
Jazz was thinking to eat Pig's liver and kidney..
(omg) but i told Jen it was Pig's lungs..
which made Jen thought that Jazz was a saddist
hahah :D
taxi, reach YCK sports hall

reach that like 2pm? when our training starts at 3?
surprised that thr's lots of ppl...
saw AMKss and CHIJ badminton team
found Qing Yi among the crowd..
their teacher talked to them for so long.. wow
CHIJ girls are so tall...
started training after waiting for an hr
stroked, ran, match-ed, trained...

Jen, this is bout our match:
'I know how to win and I know how to lose.
It is another day of my life. Everybody worked
really hard to achieve our goals
with the heart and sometimes thing
don't happen in the way we want.'
-Felipe Massa

we should accept that and train ourselves harder!! :D
(Massa rocks! haha)

11:18 PM


i'm going to talk about yesterday's trip to/at Ehub

we had lunch at AMK NeBo
saw Glennis with his friends.

So sry for the so late post...

10:21 AM