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Welcome to a DEAD blog!! this blog is soo rusty!!
currently ''cleaning'' up the corpse!!
hehe. so lazy that resulted a corpse!!

poeple may ask,
what are you busy with that your blog's so dead.
my answer is.. nothing
or why can't you just on your comp and blog?
ans: i will just drag the time to on..
or i will lay on my sofa and watch tv..
not bothering about the comp.

this time i must really blog.
or more ''complains'' will flood my tagboard.
here i am bringing you the lastest news of..
hot news arriving.

these few days having badminton training.
from 9 am to 4 pm.
6 hrs of training (excluding 1 hr of lunch)
today's training was exhausted!
now aching everywhere.
esp my back and stomach muscle
after doing sit-ups, push ups and pumping (yesterday)
hia already got use to this.
did quite alot of running,
playing, (intense training)

learnt how to smash
but no space for me and Jaslyn
so we had to do at the side.
i couldn't serve well
keep hitting the projector.
some shuttles even got stuck on top.
well, i just can't smash..
i can't do the moves right.
only can loop. sad..

yesterday's training was scary
although coach has to go for meeting in the morning &
the hall was occupied for maths olympiad.
1st-ly, run in the field or run up and down the stairs.
majority chose the stairs.
so we ran for half an hour up and down the stairs!!
but luckily got breaks in between every 10 mins of running.
phew.. can catch our breaths.

running up from basement to level 5
and coming down for 10 mins can be tiring.
but Regine came up with a strategy
that made running the stairs easier.
thanks Regine!! haha :)
so we ran with a little ease.
:) :D smile.... (:

*i realised something's wrong with me,
i always like to talk about the past.
something's crazy. haha

i think by friday, i'll be dead
REAL dead.
there will be a so called friendly match
(match won't be played friendly)
between us (Anderson) and Cedar Girls
frankly speaking, they're quite strong.
i am very lan!! i can't play well.
so tml's training must focus!!
after the match i still have to attend camp
won't be going home on friday.
a bit sian.. i'll miss my tv and shows
but not homeworks!! hehe

starting to hook on music...
missing my imeem acc..

9:36 PM


Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers on EARTH!! 祝全天下的妈妈,母亲节快乐!! this post is specially for mothers!! thank you for being so sacrificing for all the children on earth!!

happy mama day to the 4 generation!!

1st generation: Grace
2nd generation : Valerie (me!)
3rd generation: Chen Ning
4th generation: Yan Xiu

This colour is to celebrate this day; Mother's Day!!

will be celebrating at my grandmother's house today, sunday, the clock has strike midnight~
i haven't/never buy anything for anyone. not even my mother and grandmother..
last year still have at least something. this year don't know what to buy. :'( haha
seeing my cousins!! yay.. exmas over, time to have fun!! must play as much as i can le.
bought many many things from giant to share later during the afternoon.

i shall continue later when i get home from the celebration.. i won't know what will happen next. haha. will be telling more about the special cake my dearest mummy have ordered for my grandma. haha

see you all soon!! bye for now!!

12:07 AM


i wanna shout out loud!!
after so much struggles.. i've been drowning myself with the textbooks, notes, files for the next subject everyday..
but got times that i lazy, then slack..
i really can say le, it's finally over!! YAY!!
my worst subjects that i have performed during this whole period of tiring, arduous* time are: HISTORY, GEOG, MATHS (maths not so bad).. i'll see how i'm going to fail. haha
*not sure of spelling

yesterday went out with Chen Ning and Yan Xiu.
waited Cehn Ning outside her school..
wait so long, almost died of heat stroke. haha.
she came out went to find Yan Xiu.
At 1st a bit weird as long time never see.
last seen: CNY '08. quite long. went back to normal all that.
Yan Xiu went back to Yan Zhu, Piggy. then Chen Ning new name, Henny. haha,
sounds weird - given by Yan Xiu.
we went to eat, drink, talk, and played pranks...
saying of pranks it really went quite far,
till there was reply form both of them..
and some kind of actions were tooken!! haha..

Chen Ning's case:
I sms-ed someone (not to be named, if not i'll get inot trouble :D)
saying that she still misses ___ loads and still likes ___ alot..
guess what was the reply?
reply: really?

My case:
abit siao.. sms-ed by Chen Ning...
she sent to him: you want me to _ _ _ _ you?
i was like grrh.. haha.
but her case worse..
then we both using the same no. jsut send msg
guess what again?
he called both of us to just know what happened..
diao lor. haha

back to main topic.. we talked alot..
then they say i old, senior citizen :(
cause i keep asking about time for gathering.
i 老了, so sad.. haha
we went to mini toons.
and something that i never thought that will happened..
we bought something in common.
friendship item..
but mine different colour from both of them
thier's pink; mine green
don't want misunderstanding. haha
(for pics, go to Chen Ning or Yan Xiu's blog)

i'm so damn looking forward next gathering!!
going to meet up with the rest.
namely, Chen Ning, Yan Xiu, Chrislyn, Grace, Wei Liang, Qing Yi. Boh Jun.
going Escape Theme Park!! YAY!!
going for those scary rides
e.g. Viking, Haunted house..
i remembered last dec went then play..
viking was super scary..
half way through the ride i cannot take it,
requested for the person to stop,
so that i can go down..

this time, don't know wanna sit not..
a bit scared.. haha
so really look-forward to see my friends!!
6 Sapphire'07 ROCKS!!

10:01 PM