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My very 1st blog. A REAL blog this time. i will be posting frequently (not like that dead rooting My space) haha

Today at school was pretty ok. during PE, sweat like drenched chicken. teacher relesed us later, so we had to rush back to class immediately as maths teacher require us to be punctual. if not she will start scolding like hell. haha

rest of the lessons are boring. i hate ''ting xie''!! need to create sentences with the verbs. i did badly for today's ting xie. ='( i tried my best le. haha english and CME were extremely boring!! CME was a time for me to talk talk talk. today, we talk about ghost stories. it was between Pei Yun, Wei Jie, Kushwant and I. Kushwant scared Wei Jie with a boo out of the blue was he was talking softly about a ghost story. Wei Jie was scared out of his wits. haha i'm too exagerating! The last ten seconds of lesson, everyone was like counting down 10.. 9.. 8.. 7.. 6.. 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1.. 0.. BELL RING!! Dismissal time!! my class sooooo noisy and chatty. it's better than a quite class where everybody doesn't want to speak. BUT.... 6 Sapphire'07 is the best!!!! the liveliest class, the best class spirit!! YAY!! 6 feb meeting everyone. it's some sort of gathering. finally got a chance to meet up as a class. though some are not able to go. looking forward to CNY eve!!

See you all then! bye...

4:57 PM