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Today science lesson was EXTREMELY fun!!!
we did an experiment on the pH (power of Hydrogen) indicator.
we use the (don't know call what... forgot.. D:)
shld be colour abstracted from the red cabbage and beet root

the following pictures will tel you more about
what's happening in the Science Physics Lab, this morning
from 10.40am to 11.40am

(left: red cabbage in the beaker, over the bunsen burner
right: beet root .... same as above)

Boiling in process.. beet root...

Red cabbage; started boiling..
water is blue

Pei Yun dripping a drop of red cabbage solution
to the hydrochloric acid.. (:

purple v.s. red

apparatus before experiment

bottles of sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid..
test-TUBs in its rag..

once again, boiling in process..

overview of everything!!

experimenting!! the few so called 'scientists'
conducting out their experiment. haha
namely, Pei Yun, Salvia, Amanda & myself

results of:
Salvia & Amanda's left
Pei Yun & mine's right

Cheers!!! let's 'gulped' down our acid/alkaline solution. hehe

me; pouring red cabbage solution to distilled water
(pH of 7?) no idea

nice shot taken! photographer!! PY!! (:

nice shot 2!!

mixtures of colours & solutions


nice isn't it?
our great work. haha
i enjoyed today's sci!!
but 15 min before the lesson ended..
i started hiccuping!!
omg.. it's so embarrassed...
hiccuping NON-stop!! arh.. :(

haha but i still enjoyed my day..
with confident speaking after lunch
at the Inspire Town.. a very cool place
we had funFUNfun time!! haha.. keep laughing away
and Mr Cumming was saying ''control.. control.."
haha.. everyone just couldn't seem to 'control' our laughters!
:D hahahahahahahaha laughing all the way

next meet up with Chen Ning at nEbo
ate fries.. went to amkss as she left her homework
in class.. saw Qing Yi on the way.
dragd him along.. heavy down pour!!
i hate heavy down pours
when there's no umbrella around :(

reached home.. had dinner..
and there i am. here! blogging away
while listening to songs..

8:53 PM


不知不觉中, this is already my 50th post..
it's considered slow.. as this blog started in
28 Jan.. cny period. now is aug...
it's been 8 months since i entered sec sch le..
today in sch bit ''exciting''..
know why? we had to write chinese zuo wen
topic of the compo: 我最珍贵的礼物
last night i wrote the somesort of draft..
so roughly know how to write..
which allow today's writing not so difficult,
having to think and write at the same time..
completed my suo wen shortly after sch dismissal..
yay!! haha.. seldom finish zuo wen so fast..
all thanks to my draft. hehe :D

during eng lesson, Ms Ho took us to the library.
but before that, i received life's greatest shock!!
i hate myself for that!! arhh...!!
i failed my eng GRAMMAR!!
grammar!! i never failed grammar before!!
14/30!! just ONE more mark to a pass!!!
feeling damn angry..?sad... ? disappointed?
goign back DQ next week..
what if Mrs Yap ask about our marks?
i'm so going to be so... (unexplainable)
sian! at the library, i managed to finish reading
a Rohld Dahl's book.. it's thin~ ...

REsults got back today:

1) Common test 4: 18/35
2) Common test 5: 28/35 [but deduct one mark as Mdm Hee gave me and extra half mark :( ]
= 27/35
3) Open-ended task: 9/12

1) Grammar: 14/30 (i failed!! wth... it's GRAMMAR!!!)
2) Summary: 11/15 (hmm.. this's the 1st time i had summary test, having 11 is quite ok le :D )

after sch hang out with Jing Yi...
talked alot on Da Qiao; 6 Sapphire'07..
hia.. so many things being dug up.. haha

6:10 PM


the sat gathering information will be here
for what?
Buy gifts for teachers..

Date: 23 aug, sat

Venue: J8

Time: 11am - 4.30/5pm

People going (confirmed):
Yan Xiu, Boh Jun, Wei Liang, Chen Ning?, Qing Yi?,

hia... so less.. thought that will at least have 8 people..
some still haven't reply me...
Supposely should have 7 - 8 boys...
now 3? or even 2 if Qy not going..

10:26 AM


Yesterday went out with Chen Ning
actual plan was running..
but became ''coffee drinking at Mc Cafe''
we met after sch, went hub for lunch
Mac was our next destination.
sat down, informed people for next sat's gathering
bought drink.. Chen Ning slpt..
a while later, we were tempted to hot drink
from Mc Cafe..
Chen Ning: Cappuccino
Me: Hot Chocolate

[left: my hot chocolate, right: Cn's Cappuccino]

Heart on my chocolate... ♥

Swirls on Cappuccino...

Today, supposely i need to meet
Yun Ting, Jazzlyn and Jen at Cheng San cc
at 9.30, but i woke uo at that time..
i was late! changed venue to YCK sports hall
but still all courts were book for some competition
Jazlyn (zzz) called us out for badminton
as i told her she was rusting after not going for practise
for TWO weeks.. haha :P
later we decided to go hub..
so Jen went home, left three of us.
reaching amk mrt, i asked if they wanted
to go Teck Ghee cc if there's any slot for us..
we begin walking along the mrt track till we reach
book a 1/2 hour slot from 11 to 11.30
but we played till 12. haha..
drenched in the rain while on our way to the bus stop.
-the END-
(omg, i left my racket in Yun Ting's badminton bag!!)

trying to keep my post short
as don't want to have a thin scrollbar.. it don't look nice

5:11 PM


today woke up early cause 11am meet Chen Ning
Watching the Olympics - badminton was also part of the reason
the 1st match i saw was Singapore against Malaysia

Singapore : Malaysia
Ronald Susilo: Lee Chong Wei

1st match, 13 : 21
2nd match 14 : 21

how sad Singapore lost.. ):
but the matches were interesting!!
their smashes were fast and strong!
both players' skills were great!
the rest of the matches i only watch part of it.

at chen ning house there, we actually planned
to go the shop nearby for lunch but it was closed!! arh..
then with no destination in mind,
we just wanted to walk until we found somewhere
for us to have lunch...
we walked past blk 413 then 406..
finally we reach somewhere.. where it was familiar...
but we were unsure where are we..
after talking more steps forward...

THEN!!!! we saw TecK Ghee CC...
we knew where we were!
we were at somewhere near my maternal grandparents' house
we'er glad we didn't get lost
sitting down at the coffeeshop,
we think we're going to be dying of heat-stroke
so we changed our minds
and had our lunch at 7-11
my cup noodle was ''COLD''
while Chen Ning's noodle was ''HOT"
Chen Ning know what i mean
haha :DDD

Guess what?
on my way back home,
I met into Grace outside the school,
(beside Da Qiao)
then later i was nearing my block
when i received Wei Liang's sms, saying:
"Eh val hahas i saw u using yr hp while walking"
i was thinking, Wei Liang saw me and i met into Grace..
so did they meet up? i asked Wei Liang.
his reply: "wth no lah dun tok rot i juz take
taxi go pass dqps then saw you"
i asked again: did you see Grace?
he said: ask stupid question of course no lah
(he and his ah beng/ah pei talking, haha)
replied: i met into Grace just now.
''oic hahas... such a coincidence'' was what he replied.
this's the end of the coincidence story. haha

(: nothing to do...
back to school tomorrow..
one word: SIAN

9:05 PM


today wore P5 camp tee with anderson shorts to schol.
it's so weird. wearing pri sch shirt and sec sch shorts.
a mixture... haha celebration today was nice
the show put up in the hall was very nice.

let me start with the beginning of the day
assembled in parade ground.
flag-raising, then marching of the uni grps
collected IPP kit back to class
got ready for IPP and when it was
commence by Mrs Poh, the class was still noisy (normal)
the girls and some boys help in sealing the windows
with black thrash bag.
the rest of the boys did the improvised toliet
me and some of the girls cut the thrash bags..
good thing i didn't ''die'' of heat during IPP

next break time.. nothing much bout it.
PERFORMANCE time!! assembled at hall..
it was quite squeezy at first,
but was much better later.
the performance was cool~ nice~ interesting~
the male artist sang so nice!! omg!!
his's voice quite nice. haha
we got our very own Anderson NDP Quiz
got one of the perfromance, had ''terrorists''
very funny... :D
then Finale! Choir, Guides, Chinese, Malay and Indian Dance,
all MCs and teachers sang ''Shine For Singapore'' and ''Together''
everyone sang along.. high atmosphere! haha

after that met with Chen Ning..
had lunch, En Qi then walked around AMK hub.




5:52 PM


Yesterday was filled with fun!
1/4 went to the children's home to complete CIP hours
it's also part of ipw (innovative project work)
each of us partner a child, aged from 2 to 4.
mostly 3. mine was 3 too. my partner is called Livin
(i think). we had a somesort of ''picnic'' under the void deck
at my mat thr, we had a catastrophe
the wind was so strong that many cups and plates were over turn
the drink spilled on the mat several times
and plates flew away leaving the food on the ground...
haha, it's quite fun having to ''overcome'' the wind.

we couldn't take out our phones for some reasons.
i wanted to take some photos at 1st but couldn't
luckily Mr Kam borrowed my phone to take some photos.
the photo below is Sandra telling story while
some of them act. i'm not posting the other photos
as people may get sensitive. haha (:

[Sandra, the story teller]

On the way back from the Children's home to sch,
guess what i saw along the expressway?

Da Qiao PSLE aggregate banner ('07) has dropped.
haha. seems funny and weird.

Next is Wei Xin (my senior)'s b'day!!
it was on the 4th of Aug, mon
me, Regine and Wei Lin didn't had time on that day
to buy the present (our plan at 1st)
but we had DSA open house on mon
and Ms Goh inform both of them (not me!)
to play with the DSA-s
they didn't bring their jerseys, rackets & shoes
so we went to Regine's house.
had lunch then had a ride from Wei Lin's dad back to sch
back at sch, when we got down the car,
we claimed that we're the DSA-s.
the SC-s there knew we're not. haha

on tue, we went hub to buy gift for Wei Xin
actually bought a puzzle for her but
from hub, we bought the puzzle and there wasn't any frame.
went to J8 minitoons.
on the way there,
suddenly thought that she had received one on mon le
so we chnage the idea of giving puzzle
and instead we folded stars for her.
it took quite long folding stars...

The procces of folding stars... below...

YAY!! tmr national day celebration!!

can wear red tee! me, Sock Hui, Miao Zhen & Jy wearing P5 camp tee!

yay, dqps... 5ruby.. 6sapphire'07

4:44 PM


i found a song, very nice
just wanted to share it with readers

Song: Better In Time
Artist: Leona Lewis

It's been the longest winter without you
I didn't know where to turn to
See, somehow I can't forget you
After all that we've been through

Going, coming
Thought I heard a knock
Who's there? No one
Thinking that I deserved it
Now I realize that I really didn't know
If you didn't notice, you mean everything
Quickly I'm learning, to love again
All I know is, Imma be okay

Thought I couldnt live without you
It's gonna hurt when it heals too (oh yeah)
It'll all get better in time
Even though I really love you
I'm gonna smile 'cause
I deserve to (ooh ooh)
It'll all get better in time

I couldn't turn on the TV
without something there to remind me
It wasn't all that easy
to just put aside your feelings

If I'm dreaming
Don't wanna laugh, hurt my feelings

But that's the path, I believe in
And I know that, time will heal it
If you didn't notice boy you mean everything
Quickly I'm learning, to love again
All I know is, I'm gonna be okay

Thought I couldn't live without you
It's gonna hurt when it heals too (oh yeah)
It'll all get better in time
Even though I really love you
I'm gonna smile 'cause I deserve to (ooh ooh)
It'll all get better in time

Since there's no more you and me (no more you and me)
It's time I let you go so I can be free
And live my life how it should be
No matter how hard it is, I'll be fine without you
Yes, I will

Thought I couldn't live without you
It's gonna hurt when it heals too (oh oh oh)
It'll all get better in time (oh oh ooh)
Even though I really love you (you)
I'm gonna smile 'cause I deserve to (yes, I do)
It'll all get better in time (oh oh yeah)

Thought I couldn't live without you
It's gonna hurt when it heals too (yeah ah yeah)
It'll all get better in time (ooh ooh oh)
Even though I really love you
I'm gonna smile 'cause I deserve to (ooh ooh, yes)
It'll all get better in time


5:57 PM

hia.. must post le.. if not all readers will be chased away!
haha. don't know why. so many people so moody
and sad!! must cheer up esp, Chen Ning & Yan Xiu.
(maybe myself too! haha.. influenced ba?)
CHEER UP!! (: think of happy things,
or look forward to things that you like
(e.g. CCA, Holiday?)
hmm.. Chen Ning can have RIPPLE ice-cream!
as for Yan Xiu, maybe NDP or fireworks?
haha.. indulging in sweet things maynot work.
SINGING out your lungs? :D

hmm.. today is Miao Zhen's birthday; 3rd August
let me wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

4:51 PM