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a super super nice show.
today after history paper (it sucks!)
went home. had lunch.
not until i received Chen Ning's call, i'll be so bored.
she said about her Lit and History paper, she took today.

she suggested going out.
after long long discussion, not knowing where to go
and to go what, we decided to go to the movies.
we watched the show, 'Connected'
this show is nice! enjoyed watching it.

it had some scences that scared us. haha
but overall this show was nice.
i laughed loudly at some parts. pretty funny.
i suggest you al to watch that show! haha :D

8:40 PM


iLove today; 26 sept

understand what am i saying?
i'm saying:

iLove today; 26 sept

we played.we laughed.and had so much fun

straight after my exams, went hub,
looking for Yanxiu and Grace
saw form teacher at Fish and co.
had lunch at mac again?
boys came, ate, proceeded with purchase of gift

1st stop: NTUC
the boys don't know where to walk...
lost in the 'jungle', haha
went to the soft toy section
spend a long long time deciding which one to buy
many funny things happened.
1st-ly, i made the price tag of some things dropped,
Weiliang then slot it under the tv..
(hiding the tag)

Chris stepped on the metal pole under the shelves,
and it came 'clashing' down.
the person was like: 这个铁你也可以弄坏,
chris: this thing is already unstable, i stepped on
it softly, then drop already (in chinese)

we did alot of voting deciding.. deciding...
came to a decision FINALLY.
the mickey was so high up that none of us could reach it.
Qingyi and Weiliang tried to jump and take it,
but failed. haha.
so i went around looking for staff member for help

the mickey(small version) was brought down,
Qingyi did something digusting...
he hugged and 'kissed' the mickey.
all of us went yuck! hahaha
the big version of mickey was brought down later,
it was double the times of the small one.
we discussed again

#1. take the small version (actually it's like my body length,
just smaller than the big verison)
#2. take the big version
#3. go Mini toons to by the giantic tortoise

majority voted #1, me anything. though i told them no anything is allowed.
haha.. sry. hehe :D

went to the playground opp Chenning's house.
by the way, if you don't know, we're buying gift for Chenning's b'day
we had loads and loads of fun at the playground.
it does not have swing, slides, stairs.
but has see-saw, rock climbing wall, 'bridge' and weird stuffs, (names:unknown)
we started of with the see-saw, Grace and Chris were up 1st.
they were playing 'crazily' haha keep 'flying' out of their seats.
next is the boys, many dangerous way of playing. haha
haha... boys are dangerous when they play madly.

took turns up and down the see-saws..
got tired of it and started throwing branches,
(thick, thin, long, fat) any branches that we found, we threw
who do we throw to?
girls (chris, grace and i) threw at boys (weiliang and bohjun)
we're not bullying them, heheh :P
my aiming was bad... and i got hit by the branches, two-three times...
my arms were tired and i retired form playing..
(but i played for quite long le, 45+ min)

chris and gace found a super-duper huge, long branch!!
it was up to 3m or more can you imagine how long was that?
they used it to attack the boys, but actually they used it to
attack Weilinag only.. haha so suai.
the rest of us, (Yanxiu, Qingyi, Andrew and i)
sat aside and watched.. sometimes it gets so funny that the laughters were so loud

(ok, i know i'm naggy, and this is only half of my story)
p.s. i haven't post for a long long time, this post acts as a replacement. haha:D

we played and enjoyed the first-half (not half only) of the day
went to buy some drinks to refresh ourself, after sweating while playing.
took a slow walk from amk hub to amk sec..
along the way... this guy called Go Qing Yi,
waves his hand 'weirdly' to people he knows as he walks past them.
kinda of weird haha... (i mean his way of waving, eben Yanxiu says so) haha
Chris also brought up the year-end chalet thing..
(hmm... looking forward to that!! 6 Sapphire'07!! love it!!)
sat down for some drinks opp amk sec..
Grace and Yanxiu were busy with their handphone games.
Weiliang and Bohjun emo-ing at the corner

Qingyi and Andrew talking... while i listen..
out of sudden, Andrew called out: Howard!! it has certainly scared
my wits off. hahah howard came over and dao zhao hu with us.
Chen Ning finally came out!! we handed her the present to her
and made our way to Pizza Hut. Chris and Grace
went Chris hse to take the b'day card
but not wanting ChenNing to know, they said they go home take worksheet
alot of questions need to be ask (how to do)
the atmosphere was quite when we entered,
but after entering, Pizza Hut never had a quite atmosphere. hahaha

we were all laughing, talking so loudly and sometimes, screaming.
the big joker, Weiliang, started off with his funny way of tallking,
which made us laugh + the laughing of Andrew,
you will definitely laugh your lungs out! :DDDD HAHAHA!
Andrew's laughter couldn't make us stop laughing!
like every single minute he laugh,
then we'll follow laughing till our sides hurt.
his HAHAHA will influence so many people to laugh as well,
you can't really control,
once you hear his lauhgter, you'll HAHAHA too! :D
the time in Pizza Hut is incredibly!!!
i love it sososos much that time will stop a that moment!
we're enjoying ourself so much,
\that i can actually forget it's exam period,
and have so many more subjects to revise and mug for!

see the power of friends and gatherings. just a small gathering like this,
actually relieves stress have a break (not KitKat)
i think i want to have a larger scale of gathering after EOY!!
hmm.. if i talk about every single details of what hapened at Pizza Hut,
this post is never ending... but i will still continue,
despite typing for an hour
we went in, looke at the menu.. joked and laugh....
when the waiter came to take orders, we were still not ready.
later ChenNing came up with a decision!
(always our decision maker!!) haha
ordered our food and food served.

the soup and drinks were served 1st. after the waiter left, i took the pepper bottle
and sprinked/poured alot of pepper into Qingyi's soup.
then this pouring 'battle' began. we poured pepper, cheese into soups
sugar syrup into the ice leamon tea... one great thing Bohjun did:
he poured 3/4 sugar syrup of the bottle into Andrew's drink.
it was crazy... hahaha. the pizza were served and
Chris and Grace still not back
when Qingyi and Weiliang cut the pizza into pieces,
they seemed like they're murduring somebody.
with the knife and everything. haha.

Chris and Grace back. Chris hid the card inside her jacket.
she passed the card to me, i passed it to Yanxiu and back to Chris again
Grace and Chris took the card in the toilet.
everyone of us took turns to go in the toilet to write our birthday
messages to ChenNing. eevryone who came out of the toilet (including me)
was laughing away... ChenNing started to talk about some 'unrelated' stuff
while she was saying, the rest add on..

until everyone came out, including Chris and Grace, we talked about the
stuff again and laughed like some crazy poeple hahaha
our Starzbites Cheesy Extremes were served.
look yummy. but the mayo inside is abit...
now, it's my turn to cut the Starzbites. not very nicely done
sry, hahah :D (: we ate and talk, ate and talk...
during this so called 'process' funny things happened.

Bohjun was called a ________. not so bad to spell it out.
hahaha. then suddenly played his ______'s language and
we asked him to translate it for us in english.. what he did was to shake his head...
haha :D kinda of insulting him, just because he's tent. haha, opps!
alot of pushing happened along this row of friends:

WeiLiang, Qingyi, ChenNing, Grace, Chris

all of them were playing so happily, the rest watched and laughed!
many of them scream and laughed while pushing each other.
we still left many overleft pizza. we passed the pizza around.
if unwanted, the pizza will be pass to the next person then to another
the pizza was passed around for very long time.
i was passing a pizza but everyone rejected it, so i had no choice
to return it to the plate. when i was about to put my hand down,
i dropped the pizza. half on the table, half on the plate.
a loud piercing scream could be heard from Yanxiu, Chen Ning, Chris and Grace.

the boys went to spam WeiQi's phone.
when WeiQi pick up they said: hello hello, blah blah blah (laughs)
they took turns to call using a different number each time.
Chrislyn later tried but user was busy...
some time later.... they called him again.
then they spoke to him.
they passed the phone around, just saying hello WeiQi
Qingyi later hanged the call by saying: bye bye weiqi, i love you
it's so gross

Qingyi and Weiliang had extra extra serving of pizza,
as we keep putting it on their plates as we said cannot waste food.
following, we mention of Bohjun as a ________
then later, a song of Bohjun's ______ language was played..
Grace and Chris started laughing away...
we asked Bohjun to translate the song to english for us.
Chris used the lemons from the lemon tea, leftover soup
to decorate the pizza in the form of arts

Pepper was poured into Bohjun's ice lemon tea. forgot who started it.
then pepper fight began, the pouring of...
pepper into ice lemon tea....
Again, it was Qingyi who tried 'Pepper ice lemon tea'
hmm the drink is formed in the '4.Gen Food Lab',
a mixture of powder, food pieces and drinks...
only Qingyi dares to drink it. should have more creation for him.

later it was the photo-taking time.. where everyone take their phone
and snapped photos of each other.
couldn't take the girls cause all siam already.
(but i have some unglam pic of Chen Ning, won't post them
as it's your BIRTHDAY!!!)
as you can see from below, Qingyi and Weiliang didn't know that my
cam was facing them. then Bohjun hid behind Andrew.
i got one of Grace's photo but so blur that you won't see anything :(

we paid the bill and left Pizza Hut,
only then the restaurant quiten down. haha
but actually we sat behind, so didn't contribute much to the noise pollution
hahaha :D i went off 1st
as my mother's waiting for me...
went to hub again, talked to Chen Ning on the phone.

Happy Birthday Chen Ning
you're now 13!!!!
have a happy happy birthday

11:26 PM


sian... holiday's ending soon.
i feel very bored and reluctant to blog..
hia. no taggers.. no one here...
i hate short holidays...

i think i lost my result slip.. :(
serious topic!! i hat myself for losting it...
all because i was rushing for time on
Teachers' Day, friday.. after the performance.

walao... why everytime i rush for time,
then as a result i'll lost something important!?
why? sian...

how am i going to tell Mdm Lu?
i'm somemore the ______. SIAN LA...
hope i find my result slip soon...

2:53 PM