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got one post once every two week. no time... :( but i will try to post as often as possible. don't want to make the viewers bored..

Went to watch L Change The World yesterday. WOW!! it was a fantastic show!! love it!! the show was very different from Death Note 1 & 2. L so cool in that show... haha it's a very very nice show (if you enjoyed watching Death Note Movies). it's pretty funny. If i got another chance to go to the movies, i may want to watch it again. After watching the show, i know how and why L changed the world.

The process of getting into the cinema was very funny too. before we went in, Chen Ning found out that the tickets were for 12.40, then all of us were quite panicked. we decided to enter. surprisely, the person tore our ticket and we got through. But when we were seated at our seats, we were scared that the seats will be occupied by others. we moved to the front rows thinking no one will seat there. Guess what we did? Seat there and watch? we went to the person who tore our ticket and Chen Ning started with '' we found out our ticket,'' then the rest joined in ''that our timing is at 12.45. but we asked for 3.40's timing, then how?'' the person got us seats, the boys sat seperately with the girls. luckly, when we got in, the show haven't start. just want to add on, L Change The World is a GREAT show!!

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i very long time never post le. so i have many crappy things to say. but i will try to cut short as i know reading long post will be tiring. starting with this morning. it's Valentine's Day and we had temperature taking i school. so diao lor. hia tests again. today have chinese and drama - lit tests. drama test was average but chinese i never use the time given properly. the whole day my body was aching as after some tough badminton training on Wednesday (yesterday). my neck/shoulder, arm, leg and back are aching like hell. i can't stand heavy weight today.. even my bag.. better now as compared to morning.
Hope Chen Ning will get better soon and can go school tomorrow.

YESTERDAY, WED: no test at all but got tough badminton training. run many times around the hall. then need to train full work. need to swing, dian, net, dian switch, dian again then swing. it's very hard but the seniors say it's very soft le... later tougher training...

TUE: history test. no one was aware of it until tue's morning. then everyone took out textbook read through. all do last minute revise. i never get to read finish chapter 1 - 3 due to time constrain. all the things can be found inside the textbook. regreted for not being aware of the date if not i can revise and score better. i'm on the edge of failing... skipped 4 questions that consern 10 marks.. the overall was 30 marks. need to work harder for next CA.. another horrible thing. history project. me, pei yun, kushwant did our job. except for some memebers. so in the end we just hand in the incomplete work.. too bad. hia can't blame them..

Cny!! cny eve and 1st of cny were spent at my grandmother's house. it was soo FUN!! throughout the whole day, played with cousins... got play black jack and dai dee.. money was involved too. hehe. went downstairs and played with sparkles. burnt the floor and the was words left behind. the some of them created some new creations by tying sparkles together. (if i have enough time, i will upload some pictures. )

I skip to day 3. where i went to sentosa in the morning. it was Natlie's (cousin) and Glennis' birthday. we went to sit the Skyride and Luge. so fun. i agree with their quote: Once is nver enough. then walked along Siloso beach and palawan beach. on our way to Underwater World, we rest at one shop. we played pool. the poll table wasn't so big. but we had so much joy!! haha :DD Underwater World saw so many sea creatures. the eight of us travelled around Sentosa by walking with our legs. although we ahd cars but it was troublesome to drive and find parking lot. so we WALKED for hours.. after that went to my house. another round of black jack. but it was so much better than the 1st time. cause 1st time only got 4/5 ppl. but this time we had 8 of us playing. all my cousins except young ones.

I spent my whole five day (including cny eve) with my cousins!! so i can say that this year's cny was extremely fun!! haha.. being lame. -_-


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Whah today maths test. so difficult!! i never complete the paper as usual. i was at last question then teacher say times up. i never write a single step yet. 1st wquestion i got doubts le, so surely got mistakes. the test is over 35 marks. let's see how much can i score. got possibility failing my 1st maths test.
hmm.. pe teacher and english teacher never come then got 2 hours of free period. the whole class was so noisy. haha. everyone was playing some of them played catching. :D
Today had another round of training. this time, we got into some serious training for badminton. started with little warm up. then rounds of running in the hall. with side jumps, running backwards etc.. run many rounds continuously. tired!! practise smacking. must do at least 100 times. we swing and smack the racket in the meanwhile, bring our right leg forward. next stop: fitness corner. we did 20 inclined pull-ups, stay in push up position with our backs straight for 2 min. then we went to run. it was called the ''Sucide''. later we played tag (catching. if catcher catch a person, he/she must tag along the catcher)
In the hall we did so many things.. 60 sit-ups, 60 supermans, 120 times of cycling.. so tired..
gotta go le... bye

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Let's start from Wednesday.

I had my very 1st badminton training after many weeks of rest. at first i was scared... no one from my class entered badminton. in other words, i'm alone. haha but i made two friends from 1/5 so fast that i had somebody to accompany me when we were in the hall. we started off with some warm-ups and ice breaking games. then chen jiao lian gathered us. he say we can all call him either jiao lian, chen jiao lian or shuai ge. haha next, one junior was supposed to patner with one senior. then my patner was Wen Jia, Vice captain. we played doubles. Wen jia and my opponents were Linda, another vice captain, and yun ting. while playing the match, our seniors explained to us the rules and so on. it was an interesting, exciting match!! me and Wen Jia were very egaer to win. we so ji dong when we win/lose a point. haha Guess what? We WON!!! Yay!! extremely fun match. familiarise myself with the rules le.

Finally meet up with Chen Ning after quite some time. she came over from her sch then we went to Spot Kitchen to grab a bite. we chat quite alot. we then proceed to my house. continued our conversation. catch up alot. Aunts, uncles, cousins including Nelly went back to grandparents' house for dinner. then we celebrated Natalie's chinese birthday. had chocolate fudge cake. we had it for Christmas last year too! Nelly too small to enjoy the cake. :] I find Nelly so cute.. see untill Nelly so cute, then you will want to play with it. when a cute baby smile at you you will feel :] too.

Math teacher, Mrs Ang never come then don't have her lesson. everyone was so happy, but she's pregnant. then those with heart will wonder how's she, then those people with ''balck'' heart will some sort of curse her to have miscarrige. but i think my class very less people will be so evil. although she can be very fierce, but she meant well. but i think i used to being scolded as a class by Mr foo (so fierce) so when Mrs Ang scold, not scary. hehe. The whole of today i was rushing so much homework. came into class mark my math worksheet and do correction. then i realised that my informal letter was short of 100 words so i quickly made amendments during math. Pei Yun and Wei Jie kept talking to me so i was soooo slow. then i have another science worksheet to complete by that day. it was given as homework the previous day. then previous day i was busy with other homework. Chairman, Jun Wei gave out 1 math worksheet for us to complete. then I didn't hear that we had to hand in that by then end of the day, so i did not bother it.

during recces, I chiong finish my science. so lucky managed to finish in time. science was just right after reccess. by the way, 1st period chinese teacher wanted us to rewrite, informal writing for ying yong wen. must hand in by 5pm. which means i have another homework to rush. continue with the topic. during english, my letter writing never write address so teacher, Ms Ho asked me to rewrite!!! qi si wo le!! :@ then left 10 min then we can do anything we want, so i completed my ying yong wen (letter writing). lifted one of my homework burden. sounds like so... haha but can manage just short of time. next lesson is CI then Mdm Lu haven come back, so Jun Wei asked everyonme to hand in math worksheet. SHIT!! i haven't even done a single question!! Die! i'm in a deep pile of S**T!!! took out my worksheet and rush through. even when Mdm Lu was talking to the class i was still doing my work.

then the two student councilors came in and asked us to write the connection between love and appreciation. i was rushing time so i did'nt bother. everyone was supposed to write at least 1 sentence on the pink slip of paper. i don 't care... rushing through my math, which had 14 questions including number line question. then the councilors collected everyone's paper. whenhe came to my table and asked for the paper. i said i'm rushing my maths and never write. he say ''i also got alot of math never do, never mind. first write the sentence.'' i was like ''HUH??'' student councilor never do homework?? i'm suppose to hand in my math before school end and you ask me to stop and think what to write?? i really didn't have time.. no choice when Mdm Lu say give the paper. so i think and wrote this: Appreciation is shown when love is given. diao right? i think i wrote rubbish. it's like answering the question with the question. handed the paper to the councilors and continued with my work. I caused Shermine to stay because of my work. so bad of me... had to stay after school to do art sculpture. the rest of my group started without wme as i was doing my math. finally finished after 20 min after Mdm Lu releaesed the class. i realised that the more i rush through the slower i get.

*Advice: If you are rushing to finish your work/rushing for time, don't panic, relax and calm down . then you will be able to finish your work faster. :]

for the art sculpture, it was quite successful. the sculpture has to be related to environmental issues. my group's idea was to use recycled items (can drink) to make a recycle bin. part of the idea was from me!! hehe so nice.. haha. self-praise.... xxx 3+ meet up with Chen Ning, leaving Wei Jie and Ester to do complete the sculpture. haha. Chen Ning and i talked alot again. haha. chatter boxs...!

Shopped for CNY clothes and orchard road. bought many new clothes!! a big gain!! mother got a big hole in the pocket!! haha spent about $245.70 very satified with the clothes i bought. came back around 8+ went to imeem and blogs as usual. then Chen Ning helped me with the skin!! haha. thks alot!!

boring... sleep and eat. like a pig npthing much today... all homework completed. geog hw so hard.. haven't shop new bed sheet and shoe. looking forward to 6 feb (wed) but sorry to say, i don't wish to see rascals... hia. but they coming. no choice. but i get to see 6 Sapphire'07. so HAPPY!!!!

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