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hia.... i'm back at my half-dead blog... thanks for all the tags.. but a bit greedy, i want more!!

Main Topic for today!!

To all 6 Sapphire'07
We will be having class gathering after all our SA1!!
Please leave the date of your last paper.
The place we may be going will be K-box, Wild Wild Wet, Escape, or others..
Please leave the dates and suggestions of places at my tagboard.
Tag it at class blog to. :)
I really hope this class gathering will be a SUCCESSFUL one!!
With the WHOLE class present. (except for Shashank and Natchapol, haha, who obviously not in S'pore)

Valerie (35)
6 Sapphire'07

10:45 PM


today school having their 38th Speech Day 18.04.08 then all of us had earlier dismissal time. at 10.40am. had my 1st lesson of home econs. the kitchen room was locked so Mdm Waheeda took us to the needlework room. we somesort of help her modify some of the cut-out legs which was used for decorations. then after that went to the kitchen got the key. Pei Yun, Sharmine, Jia Jing and i sat at unit 3. then the cupboard attached to the table was spoilt so me and pei yun (sharing that cupboard) could't use the things... anyway, we were not required to use anything. after english lesson, dismissed from sch!!

nothing to do, it will be too boring going back to my grandparents' house. so sian.. so decided to tag along with Jing Yi and Miao Zhen. also my 1st time today, to go Miao Zhen house. thoday got alot of 1st~~ waited for Sock Hui, who went to collect the mini tablet pc. so good, can get the pc.. quite lucky; the sch also wireless.. we went to the bubbletea shop to have lunch.. Sock Hui and Miao Zhen ate at the other BBT store while me and Jing Yi ate the the BBT shop at the corner... after that went to fitness corner, went up her house, play rubris (all of us tried to solve the 1st layer, all non-pro one, so spent alot of time trying to figure out how to solve. i give up, i just can't get it. haha. not talented with puzzles) then went to play badminton, went the playground beside the badminton court. something scary happened at the playground. not sure want to mention it or not. but seriously no offence meant.

the thing goes like this.. all of us were sitting away form the tunnel slide but was chatting on the playground. all crowded around another area. then came this man, around his 40's or 50's.. he just popped up a question saying if we don't mind if he rest and take a nap in the tunnel slide. he sid he was tired and so on.. home far then just want to rest here.. and all those craps.. after quite some time, while we were talking and chatting away, i heard squashing sounds of plastic bag... then i got everyone to quiten down and hear the sound. it was coming form the tunnel slide, where the man was lying inside.. suddenly a strong smell blew past us and it's so stink!! undescible!! just very strong and awful smell.. worst than paint smell (which i can't stand it too). we suspected that he was glue-sniffing. so we decided to leave immediately. we quickly packed our things and left the playground.. we also wanted to check out what was really happening inside the tunnel slide. when we walked past the opening of the slide, the man sit up, instead of lying down... i saw a packe of yellow/brown liquid stuff inside a transparent plastic bag. those that we use to put our take-away drinks from the coffeeshop... it was so suspicious of him.. we suspected that he was glue-sniffing!! first time in my life again, i saw someone commiting serious crime!! what the hell, shouldn't he get arrested and punished? we actually wanted to call the police, but we were afraid. so we decied to approach an adult.

we came upon this Indian lady and we told her about it... i think what she said makes sense.. i can't really remember what she said but it was something like this: dont' disturb him since his crme never disturb us... cause we children, for our safety, if anythings happens... then??

hia... hope he'll get what he deserved... sian.. my life so bored wihtout music!! what's more!! my url is i-reolve-music!! hia... how to ''revolve'' now? haha provide with me with music, or else my url is meaningless............ hehe feed me with songs!!! i'm hungrty and desperate with songs NOW!!! ='( music sickness... falling in love with too much music isn't good when you suddenly lost ''contact'' with them... haha

guess what i saw from a magazine.. actually i seen this the year before but not sure where i kept the paper.. so what i re-found was... a 45-letter long word!! it's the longest english word in dictionary.. and the word is......



the word is coined by Mr Everett m. Smith. it's created in 1935. the menaing is a type of lung disease caused by the inhalation of fine silica dust found in volcanoes... However, no such disease actually exsists!!Thw word was just made up so that it cpould be recored as the longest word ever!!! Isn't that amazing?!

9:24 PM


today meet up with Wei Liang and Boh Jun at AMK Hub to celebrate Wei Liang's be-lated birthday. his birthday was on 02.04.08 but today is 17.04.08... we post-poned the celebration till today haha. it wasn't a celebration.. only Wei Liang, Boh Jun & I was there.. when Chen Ning and Qing Yi came, Wei Liang had to go home le... so sad, they didn't have the chance to meet up. it was so funny seeing WEi Liang and Boh Jun.. the way i put the ''Hot Noodles'' to Wei Liang was actually quite realistic. it's a coin bank but in the structure of cup noodles.. haha.. amazing things. :D did our homework in the FOOD COURT for the 1st time.. not so bad, got food smell/aroma. haha still the same old Wei Liang and Boh Jun. they were still the same old them.. but more hilarious. hehe.

these few days, my imeem very very lack... i got to wait more than 15 min for the song to load. most of the time i couldn't sign in... hia.. lack of music-spirit in me.. got any other music station to recommand me? from what i think, i think imeem is the best alothough very lack at my here now. but somehow the song on my blog managed to load.. and those are the songs i want to hear badly.. currently hearing Dan Shen Qian Tao.. many many many flashed back... happy, sad, fun, exciting, many many more came back to me. plus the photos posted in Qing Yi's blog made me think even more.. memories of 6 SApphire'07, Chen Ning,(though don't Chen Ning, don't regret lah, you have some good memories left behind. try thinking of those or just don't think (although impossible).

6 Sapphire'07 can we ALL meet up after SA1? i badly need a class gathering to cure my xiang si bing.. just one gathering is enough. A FULL CLASS GATHERING; 6 SAPPHIRE'07

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Click on the picture to see enlarge version!! the words are very small. must see clearer in order to get the joke. haha

8:37 PM

these few days real busy with studies and CCA.. all this times i had things to post, but i just have no time. so sian.. don't know what to start on.. what should i post about today? alright, i'll talk about today, since i'm lazy to rake up things that happen the past few days..

12.04.2007, i was suppose to meet Chen Ning at the MRT station at 9.. but i woke up around 8.25am. just slack around, delaying time... in slow movement like an old grand mother. haha then i don't want to speed things up so i about 9.15 then reach bus stop.. waited for bus for about 10 mins. finally reach MRT station. but while crossing the over-head bridge and walking along the bus stop, i'm walking like a tortoise, i thought that Chen Ning was still home then may just see her then can walk together. when i was reaching the MRT station, i was about to call Chen Ning, when she appeared in front of me.. she was so much earlier than me. haha. i was there at 9.38am when i was supposed to reach at 9am. haha. sorry for being so late. what's more, she went to AMK Hub to take a look while waiting. so could you imagine how late i was!! haha.

it was sorching hot and so we decide to take a bite at AMK Hub. we're deciding on Ah Mei's Cafe (roti prata) or Toast Box(toast, that goes without saying!!) final decision, Toast box. we each ordered thick toast with pork floss. Chen Ning ordered half-boiled eggs, which i did not like. the thick toast with pork floss quite delicious, but too sweet. then we wre discussing about Qing Yi , Yan Xiu and the rest... all those friendship problems... it's really unfair to them.

To Yan Xiu: don't be so upset. 1st of all, 6 Sapphire '07 will always be there for you. you can always come back to us. i'm sure you'll fine true friends in PHS. don't feel so upset. god maybe unfair to you just this once, but it will be okay at the end of the day. your friends will treasure you and you'll not be left behind... cheer up!! problems can always be solved, it's just the matter of time. as time past, you would be in a total and better situation. stay positive!! and you're always the Yan Xiu we know, you'll never change!! Stay who you are and what you are!! :D

To Qing Yi: You too, don't be so sad.. friendship can be strong, can be fragile. you said you don't understand him, but one day you're sure to understand him. how? friendship really takes time to blend.. 俗语说:只要工夫深,铁杵磨成针。友情需要时间才能陪养的。don't give up. it will really take time to understand him.. cheer up Qing Yi!! :D i know how you feel. though the feeling of it having been treated hot and cold isn't good. you try to maintain this friendship.. i believe that you can do it. you may want to talk to him camly and understand the situation. (why he treats you like that) as for your badminton, don't think so much about it. you HAVE tried your best!! don't bother whether you played good or bad, as long as you give your best.. have confidence in yourself too! have faith! so... Cheer Up!! remain positive too! 6 Sapphire'07 will always be there for you too!!

back to where i stop. after that we walked all the way to Nanyang poly. actually taking bus to YCK stadium. don't want to be lazy so just walk there. when we reached there, there were a gruop of boys using so we wanted to go other stadium to run. so i suggested to go Bishan Sports Stadium. hopped on bus 13. all thanks to Chen Ning, we didn't stop at the stop before J8 if not we'll be drenched in the rain. it rained when we got down the bus at J8. ended up shopping instead of running 2.4km. haha. at level one, there was a range of snacks. Chen ning and I were so attracted to it. we pulled ourselves out of temptation in time, befroe we could purchase foods that will make us put on weight. :( went to Mini Toons. saw that thing... haha. Chen Ning keep making that sound. (playful) haha. then we looked at the giantic tortoise. how i wish we are able to buy Chen Ning the whole range (from smallest to biggest) of tortoise as her birthday present. haha. that would be fantastic. i told her if on that day you see us taking a huge plastic bag, then that will be the giantic tortoise she wished for. if only small bag, then don't have. but she said it was ok if we never buy. a big hint to 6 Sapphire people!! haha we can share that giantic tortoise!! haha after that we walked past the food juction which was newly opened. Chen Ning and i was attracted to food again.. escpecially the omelette rice. 看了都流口水。哈哈 then went AMK Hub had Pepper Lunch.

Nice food! but we made fun out of the survey form. some pictures were taken are above of this post.


5:32 PM


now feelinf so emo... i mean bored that cause me sadness... the feeling of sadness is just boredness.. got maths and art homework. lazy to continue doing. i done a little only. i think i figured out what caused me the sadness within me. the memories of 6 Sapphire. missing ALL my close friends.. boring is also within that sadness leh..

hia... maybe now i should feel happy. Chen Ning is having her 1st(?) band concert today!! yipee.. All the best to her and hope her hard work will pay off!! :]

no to to post.. are you all tired of the song? want a change? any of these? 1) Tattoo by Jordin Sparks 2) any other? i no idea of chinese song. haha. 3) Realise by Colbie Caillat

1:59 PM


today super cool day!! yesterday was such a packed day... actually got 3 events after school, but one was cancelled so had to go for the other two. badminton with Cedar Girl's was 1:4... sadly, we did't win they didn't lose... nevertheless, the team will try harder in the next two rounds. :)

back to today, i had a wonderful time with the sec 1 and 2 badminton team members... we all had loads and loads of fun!! training was cancelled as there was Speech Day reharsal and the courts were used. which resulted that our training next monday will be at Bishan Sports Hall. actually, we were supposed to go to Yio Chu Kang Stadium to run 2.4 km. started drizzling and no more running! some of them went home. then left Wing Yiu, Rebecca, Wei Xin, Jing Fang, Tian Ning (joined us later), Regine, Jenany, Yun Ting, Wei Lin (sec 1), Phebe and myself. We went the playground opposite and played ice and freeze.. lots of running was included. I was practically ''stucked'' in the slide for so long during the 2nd last game. I had to stay in place. if i slide down i may bumped into Wing Yiu or Regine and get freeze by the catcher (Phebe/Yun Ting). i was sweating like hell... my knees was so wet that i slide down and hit Regine. Once, Jenany and I got stucked badly... we couldn't help but we were sliding down together. we have to stay away from the opening as the catcher was still guarding there. she and i were struggling not to fall. but in the end we slided down and i kinda bumped into Regine. I hope she's alright.

There was once when me, Jenany and Wei Lin be the catcher. we liked froze everyone, but out of the sudden, there will be a survivor and will go around un-freeze people... i lost count how many times it happened.. it happened umpteem time... so difficult to end that game... haha all of us took turns to be the catcher.. about 2-3 catcher per game. after playing that for an hour or so, we decided to go back to school and play captain's ball.. went back searched for a place where we could play.. after searching, running.. within the school 2 rounds... the distance wasn't so long.. quite short? after that, we played a game got to do with running.. but it was extremely fun!! i love it!! very very fun.. enjoyed the whole game.. we kept playing and playing. the later Jun He, Zong Han, Nigel, Yu Xiang, and don't know who, all those sec 4 boys. (Jun He, Nigel and Zong Han's badminton seniors) joined in the game.. the ground was so damn slippery that those boys kept sliding or on the verge of falling.. the whole game was amazingly fun (with or with/o the boys) haha. left school at about 6.22. actually i planned to stay and play abit longer. just afraid that i will miss a bus and have to wait for ''hours'' again.

When reached grandparents' house, i saw an all beach brown colour person half lying on the floor.. i thought who was that.. it turned out to be Benjamin. He's wearing his school's uniform.. then i remembered that today got pray something then aunts, uncles and cousins need to come back and eat.. Benjamin seemed to be the 1st to reach.. before dinner discussed a little about our CCAs. he was in Soft ball but quit this year... then when he quit, his division not long later got the colour award.. they got cause in nationals? which he got play.. so pity lor. after dinner discussed about studies aspects. told him i'm worst in History.. realised that he liked literature quite alot... haha he took double science, forgot what sub le. only know one pure and one combine. he mentioned that he's weak in A maths.. ''encouraged'' me if possible try not to take that. '_' //

watched television then i ''complained'' that why the other have not come yet.. just then, the door bell rang.. yay.. natalie and ryan come le with NELLY!! baby cousin who is soo cute!! i haven't bathe so can't carry her... saddy.. but all of us ''gathered'' in that sense.. too bad, not many of them came back. when i left home, i haven't see Adeline and her mum..

today can say that it's fun, exciting and abit of tiring.. i still remember i choing my history mind-map on Wednesday night all the way until 1am. then woke up at 6 the next morning... but i was ultra tired, i slept all the way till 7.04am!! scary... thinking that i would be late, i rushed into my parents' room and told my mother.. she woke my father up asking him to fetch me to school as i'm going to be late soon.. normally, i took 30min to get ready.. but for that day i only took 10 min.. haha. too anxious le.. the feeling of being late is very scary.. **recap. i remembered that i was late for school on the very first day of school when i was in PRIMARY 1!! believe? first time to scool, late!! lol i bluntly ironed my uniform, and it's so crumpled. good thing is i never forget to bring any homework or important things.. my father sort of speed.. although my house is near the school.. he dashed past traffic lights, it was yellow turing red.. haha.. thank godness, i wasn't late.. thanked my father as he dropped me opposite school. i was shocked cum surprised.. know why?! i reached scool at 7.12 which was earlier than usual, 7.16.. haha, being lame here. Jing Yi was later than me.. the man man jing yi... hehee to jy: soo good lor, you all can go back school for two Thurdays. i want to look for Mrs Yap, Mr Foo, Ms Tng, Ms Khoo and other teacher and get the warmest feeling inside Da Qiao.. :(

sorry readers, i just keep jumping into different topics. hope you all don't mind..

now talking about today's PE lesson. we have come to the end of baminton lessons. and we are starting on dancing... sad.. sob.. sob.. it's a mixture of dance. hip-hop, indian and others.. the 2nd count of 8 was so... the moving of shoulders from one side to the other.. what's more, we have to 2 counts of 8 for that step.. the 5th and 6th count of 8 was slightly challenging.. i think last time morning CDP, aerobics is so much easier and relax than this at least not everyone will see although is do with half of the school. there was once, Mr Leong stood at the side and asked us to do from 1st count to 5th count of 8. when we do the 5th count of 8, mr leong laughed until his face went red.. he laughed hardly.. haha know why that coused him to react that way? when doing the 5th count of 8, some were confues and the others looked blur and all any how do and wan't clear..

i'm ending here... now midnight le.. going to fall asleep anytime. may just doze off after shutting the computer..

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