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You Can - David Archuleta


hi i'm back posting since a very long time ago
had the 1st day of lesson in sec 2
had some good teachers for some subjects.
i'm so damn ___?____ to be the chairperson AGAIN!!
damn it... sian lor...
what's worse is that we're sitting the same arrangment as last yr.
i'm so sick of that place in the class.

during recess today, saw quite a number of Dq juniors
in the canteen. i can't remember their names though.
one of them was a prefect in DQ,
she was the one who recognised me.
she waved to me, then i was like ?
i know her, but just can't think of her name. sad.
one of them is Eric, from 6 Diamond,
Yong Kang, 6 Ruby,
according to my brother...

went Teck Ghee CC to play badminton
with Jen, Regine, Wei Lin and Yun Ting..
non-stop playingform 3-6pm (have breaks)
tmr staying back for preparing CCA open hse
(17 Jan, sat, need go back sch... hai...)

The video below is David Archuleta new music video!
A Little Too Not Over You
his 2nd singles after Crush.
(Hope it'll break through the charts! haha :D)

A Little Too Not Over You
David Archuleta

A Little Too Not Over You (HQ) - David Archuleta

10:33 PM