Know Your Enemy - 21st Century Breakdown

You Can - David Archuleta


I was so sleepy in sch...
woke up 5.30 early in the morning.
had 2 hrs of maths...
science was a little confusing
all about the drawing of atoms with electrons
last period had chinese Common Test
i had a little break before the teacher came in
slept for a while... teacher came...
woke up.. everything was a blur..
my brain was like dead,
can't think when doing the 理解问答

Tomorrow 20 Jan
North Zone Badminton Tournament
ANDSS against Christ Church; C div girls
ANDSS against Yishun; B div girls
I don't know i nervous or excited...
all the best for Anderson Badminton Team
C girls, B girls and B boys...

Last night,
celebrated my birthday at grandma hse
had smoked duck, sashimi, sushi and others
for dinner... after which, cut cake.
cake was from rife/rive.. chocolate, 3 layers
my brother gave me David Cook's album
(yay!! finally... 3rd album i own, haha)

but it didn't came with a poster,
but my aunt said she would get it for me
form sembawang music store. haha :D
yesterday, many went back for dinner,
Yuri, Eddie, Edward.. almost everyone was thr.
had so much fun... haha
before i cut the cake,
they sang birthday song for me,
which i did not want... hehe
what's more is that they sang both eng and chinese!! arh..
hahah so pai seh lor... my aunt tried in teow chew
sounded so weird. haha

16 Jan Friday
Friendly with Cedar Girls
it was a great match,
least i didn't get thrashed! haha :D
my scores were : 16/21 & 17/21
compared to the previous friendly,
it was so much better!

hey Yun Ting (if you see this)
relax when playing, calm down,
don't nervous... you can do it!!
don't need blame yourself! :D
during a match, keep a happy and positive
mind set!! cheer each other on
will keep you HAPPY!! :D

jia you to all C div girls tmr!!
hope we'll win the match,
''Bring out the Anderson Spirit'' as what coach said!
All the way!! whee.... hahah :D

3:32 PM