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I know i long time never update this blog.
now having ce, so thought of posting what happened 
for the past few weeks.

Hello this is  Jilliannnnnnnnn i luv VALERIE :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))     

back to posting. for Jan-feb i've been going 
for tournament after tournament
our C'div is the 2nd runner-up for North zone championship.

!st: St Nick's 
2nd: Xin Min
3rd: Anderson
4th: Christchurch

i missed THOUSANDS of geog lesson due to the tournament.
when i finally can attend goeg last last wk,
Mr Fadzly had to go for Volleyball
and i missed another geog lesson. sad

finally! today got geog and i've no tournament
but thr's a high chance Mr Fadzly had to go for volleyball again


conclusion: I am so going to fail geog or grades go down
(human geography is complicating)

as for Pilot Pen Cup, me and Yun Ting played against SCGS 
in the 1st round, so of couse, we lost.
But we're quite happy with our score
though we made super many mistakes in the 1st set

SCGS: Anderson
21: 1
(we improved 9 points, yay!)

Wei Lin and Jaslyn won YCKSS
Wing Yiu and Rebecca won East Spring
Bryan and Soloeman lost to DHS 
(the score was so close, they could have won)

Jillian is here to type again cuz val is tiredddddddddddddd

miiex lurbbzxzx vallerrriiexz w0rrzxz ;DD

Last Thursday (19 March), 
we had March Games and Senior Farewell party

2/4 was playing with 2/5
and the score was 2:2
and the mix doubles was the deciding match.
so I played with Bryan and 
opponent: Yun Ting and ______(forgot)
the score was 22:20
2/4 won.
i was scary at the match point, 
if we lose the match point, well have to duce again

after that i had badminton training
then after that,2/4 played with 2/2
(sure lose, for their players had Regine and Wei lin)
Wei lin played singles and definitely won
Females doubles: 
me and Glenice against Regine and Wei Lin
lo se again.
2:21, 4:21

Senior Farewell Party was FUN!!!
coach left early, great.

TIME FOR THE JILLIAN INVASION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111111111111

ok, that was the song playing for Shar's com. 
back to the Senior Farewell.
We ate fries, then pizzas..
Photo taking at the side of the canteen
on the steps... we waited for the sec 3 
for quite some time... they were preparing the card.
(the card i made for the senior was .....) haha

time for the fun part, Steph wanted to spray 
the 'shaked' bottle of coke... but she opened to bottle 
before shaking so the effect was small...

valeire is thinking
[ thinking in process ||||//// ]

fun but scary for the juniors...
the sce 4 wanted to pop the champaign at us
and pour it over us...
so after the photo was taken..
all juniors had to sit in the centre..
seniors crowded around us...
with those who had the champaign at all sides..
no escape. when the champaign went 'pop',
everyone ran away except
Kai Ling, Wei Lin, Jazlyn and me...
Steph poured the champaign on us...
it was gross and we stink. 

those who ran away was sprayed by Chai Hao 
(it was worse than us who sat)
they later on had 'water party' at the canteen
good thing i accompanied Jen and Yuun Ting 
to wash-up.

(will continue later, lesson ending)

8:03 AM